Thursday, 19 February 2009

Blue Skies and Stony Sands

The first task today was to build up the sky some more. I used an overly-blue mixture of Cerulean Blue, Titanium White and a touch of Yellow Ochre to give a good colour over which to work a more subtle hue. The effect was so bright I nearly looked for my sun cream!
While this layer was drying I went in search of snowdrops ...

Outside it was very overcast, with no blue, Cerulean or other, in the sky. The grey overhead and the shadows by the stream seemed to accentuate the bright bead-like quality of the snowdrops which gleamed almost merrily among the fallen leaves.

As I rounded a corner I was faced with the almost luminous red stems of a dogwood. Contrasting with the dark shadowy greens behind, they shone like so many slender flickering flames.

Back in the glasshouse my sky was dry enough to work into. I scumbled another layer with the sponge, paling the blue and lightening as I worked down to the horizon.

Next I added some suggestions of stones and pebbles in the sandy foreground.

A little more lightness at the horizon, and then I laid in the edges of the mountains with a brush.

I really didn't want to stop painting, but in a few minutes time there would be a very interesting talk to the Friends of the Botanic Garden by Professor Gilmartin. Time to clean up and head for the Visitors' Centre!

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