Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Midsummer Light

I thought it was about time I posted something about gardens again! Although this blog was originally intended to be on the themes of Trees, Woods & Gardens it seems to have been taken over by giraffes ...

This photo of Geranium and Alchemilla mollis was taken on the Midsummer Solstice when they were illuminated by wonderfully serene and mysterious light.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Necky Becky visits Mountain Warehouse! 'Written' by Ingrid's giraffe, Nextra-terrestrial ;)

Necky Becky visits Mountain Warehouse Clacton Factory Outlet - Stand Tall for Giraffes - Ingrid Sylvestre
Necky Becky and her neckshund dog Hals visit Mountain Warehouse
This post is written by the giraffe, Nextra-terrestrial who has giraffe characters painted on her, and is from Camelopardalis constellation! ;)

Many of you on planet Earth know that during the night, when no humans are around, the giraffe characters painted on my body come to life and we all have adventures, parties and midnight feasts!

Nextra-terrestrial giraffe at Clacton Factory Outlet - Stand Tall for Giraffes - Ingrid Sylvestre
Here I am at Clacton Factory Outlet

We have great fun here at Clacton Factory Outlet, nexploring everywhere, shopping and also riding through intergalactic space to and from our own planet in Camelopardalis Constellation ...


Nextra-terrestrial giraffe travelling through intergalactic space - Stand Tall for Giraffes - Ingrid Sylvestre
The giraffe characters come alive as we travel through intergalactic space.

This adventure features giraffe character Necky Becky, the middle child of the Neckmann family. You can see Necky Becky with her neckshund dog Hals on my left side. (Her mum and dad are dancing further along).

Necky Becky and Hals the neckshund painted on Nextra-terrestrial - Ingrid Sylvestre
Necky Becky and Hals the neckshund painted on my left side

This week, Necky Becky decided she would like to buy some new walking clothes at Mountain Warehouse. She loves to take Hals for long walks, and wanted a jacket for when it rains, a warm top and some new boots!

Necky Becky at Mountain Warehouse Clacton Factory Outlet - Stand Tall - Ingrid Sylvestre
Necky Becky admires clothing at Mountain Warehouse, Clacton Factory Outlet

Guess what colour is Necky Becky's favourite? (She likes it so much she even dyes her fur that colour!) Mountain Warehouse certainly has plenty of lovely bright clothes and she thoroughly enjoyed herself looking at all the choices and picking out the ones she wanted to buy.


Necky Becky at Mountain Warehouse Clacton Factory Outlet - Stand Tall - Ingrid Sylvestre
"Ooh, what nexcellent boots!"

"Oooh what a nexcellent range of boots, Hals!" she nexclaimed. "These are the ones for me - the colours are perfect and they are so comfy! We'll have some great walks ..."

Satisfied with her choices, Necky Becky left the money by the till and went to show her purchases to the rest of us. I took everyone for a ride to our Giraffe World planet, so Necky Becky could take Hals on his favourite walk wearing her lovely new Mountain Warehouse boots.

Necky Becky walking with Hals - giraffe colouring picture - Ingrid Sylvestre
A picture for you to print off and colour in!

Here they are enjoying their walk. I wonder if Necky Becky's rucksack is also from Mountain Warehouse ....

You can click on the picture, then right click on View Image, right click again to enlarge and save the image to print and colour it in!

This post was written by Ingrid's 'Stand Tall' giraffe, Nextra-terrestrial! You can visit her blog here.