Thursday, 19 November 2009

November Light

There is a certain light in the month of November that has always held me in a sense of wonder.

It seems particularly intense around the countryside of County Durham and Cleveland, most especially towards dusk.

Such luminosity of sky as evening falls over the landscape!

Soft high-lights on moss-covered trunks ...

Evening sun playing magically round the edge of twig and branch.

Overcast skies through damp russet bracken.

Looking up steep slopes at silhouetted trees against glowing skies.

The muted colours of a twilight stream.
This post also includes a bench - have you noticed it? 'Bench of the Week' was begun by RuneE of Visual Norway. Do visit his beautiful blog, and also the blogs of other participants, including Barbara Martin, PERBS, and Malyss.

Monday, 2 November 2009

November - Looking back and looking forward

This time of year has always felt to me like a new beginning. A time for looking back at special times and places, and also for looking forward with excited anticipation.
The land has always held a fascination for me. From being very young I have been entranced by the atmosphere of places.

Circular Garden Poole Wood Ingrid Sylvestre ink drawing North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre Durham artists This year I'm celebrating the beginning of November by re-reading parts of an artistic journal I kept several years ago, while painting the landscape at Grey Towers, Nunthorpe.
I've included a couple of excerpts here, written after a walk at the end of October.

Sunset Stable Block Grey Towers watercolour by Ingrid Sylvestre North East Artist Durham artist

Though many years have passed since writing those words, the sense of wonder has not. If anything it has intensified. Whoopee!

In Poole Wood Grey Towers by Ingrid Sylvestre North East artist Durham artist UK
Writing this blog-post was prompted by reading 'Endless Renewal and Other Things' at Solitary Walker's blog - always an inspiring read! It was through reading this and Nature's Whispers blog that I learned that now is the time of the Celtic New Year.
Rainbow over the Meadow Grey Towers acrylic painting by Ingrid Sylvestre North East artist Durham artists UK
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