Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Euphoric Summer of Beautiful Plants

 This summer I am in a state of constant euphoria, surrounded by glorious plants at all the venues I'm visiting. Such beauty!

Does anyone know what any of these plants are? These were all at Newby Hall near Ripon - a fabulous place.

 These are the same plants as the ones in the top photo, but creating a different mood juxtaposed with the metallic-looking sea holly.
These were so delicate and velvety!
 This looked like some kind of sage - what wonderfully sculptural form!
These plants were quite subtle - yet what a marvellous array of different  colours.
Lastly, a tiny-leaved green ground-cover plant that cascaded down the rocks and made a marvellous border round the paving stones.


Mark and Gaz said...

Nice colours, and loving that stone arch!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I can't help you with the species. All I can do is admire :-)

Anna said...

Ingrid, your top photo is of salvia horminum which is an easy to grow annual. You can get packets in single colours or as a mix of pink, white and blue. The next two look like salvias too but I'm not sure which varieties. The 'subtle' one is cerinthe major purpurascens also known as honeywort is again easy to grow from seed. The bees love it and sometimes it will overwinter and/or self seed. I may have some spare seeds if you would like some.