Friday, 9 January 2015

Giraffes Rock!

One of my favourite places for writing stories about the Neckmann family of giraffes is my Giraffe Rocking Chair. It is based on Raph G. Neckmann's rocking chair and really inspires me to dream about their neccentric adventures!

I have designed lots of rubber-stamps, one of which shows Raph G. Neckmann on his favourite chair with toddler son Littl' Nicky. I used this stamp to decorate my own chair - and how I held my breath as I pressed the stamp against the clean wood! One smudge and it would have been spoiled - and to make things more difficult the surface of the wood was slightly curved so I had to gently move the stamp! Then I had to iron it to 'fix' the ink - first time I'd ironed a piece of furniture!!

The cushion is decorated with some of my other giraffe rubber-stamp designs - long-necked icecream cones and giraffes eating leaves.

When the chair rocks, it is as if it is transported through time and space, through a secret portal into Giraffe World! Look - you can see the steep little hills of Knollshire leading to Necky Knoll House in the distance, and below are Raph G. Neckmann and Littl' Nicky looking up in welcome ...


Mark and Gaz said...

It's a mystical chair for creative writing :)

Anonymous said...

I really envy you that one! A very, very personal rocking chair - the only one in the whole world.