Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Giraffes and other favourite plants!

Giraffe plant - Ingrid Sylvestre
Giraffe Plant

I've been too busy with art work to blog for many months, though I've managed to squeeze in a few precious hours gardening now and then over this wonderful summer.  And of course, giraffe spotting ... I was given three glorious dahlias by a friend, and couldn't help noticing the resemblance to a giraffe!

Lions ears plant - Ingrid Sylvestre
Leonotis - Lions Ears
While on the subject of animal plants - the above plant is commonly known as Lion's Ears. Having longed for one for ages, I was delighted to acquire these in a plant swap. I love the wonderfully sculptural shapes of the pom-pom flowers.

Cytisus battandieri - Ingrid Sylvestre
Cytisus battandieri
Following our mild winter the gardens have flourished all year. One of my favourite shrubs, Cytisus battandieri, has flowered prolifically - unusual considering we are in the North East! The large blooms smell luxuriously of pineapple, hence its common name, Pineapple Broom. Let's hope we have another mild winter!


Mark and Gaz said...

Great to see your little update. And yes, hopefully we'll have another mild winter again!

RuneE said...

Nice to see you back on-line! And as usual I have learned something new: There are giraffes in the world of plants too :-)

Phoenix C. said...

Yes, Mark and Gaz - a summer that continues till December, then a short mild winter! :)

Phoenix C. said...

Ah yes, RuneE - the giraffes in the botanical world are plentiful! :)

Anna said...

Good to see a post from you Ingrid and glad to hear that you've managed to fit in some gardening this summer. I will not look at dahlias in the same light again :)

Phoenix C. said...

Anna, I'm sure you will find many varieties of giraffe plants in your garden now you have been introduced to them!(They are quite shy):)