Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Snow arrives in Durham City - along with some uneckspected visitors!

Durham Giraffes on Ice - Durham Artist Ingrid Sylvestre

It was with great excitement that the residents of Durham woke up to find their city covered in the fluffy white of snow. What they did not realize, however, was that during the night there had been a 'Nextra Day'! This is a day that does not feature in our human planetary calendar, but links a distant planet named 'Giraffe World' in Camelopardalis Constellation with our Earth. The long-necked Camelopardalian creatures can visit our world unseen and enjoy some of our top tourist destinations all to themselves.
Durham Artists Ingrid Sylvestre North East artist North East art for sale Ingrid Sylvestre

Travelling through the Secret Intergalactic Cacti - Durham Artist Ingrid Sylvestre

Travelling through the Secret Intergalactic Cacti via boat and bus, the giraffes look forward to their adventures in Durham while we humans sleep.

Durham Goes Giraffe at Xmas  - Durham Artists Ingrid Sylvestre

After the nexcitement of skating on the River while admiring views of  beautiful Durham Cathedral, our long-necked visitors enjoy some seasonal shopping in the cobbled streets of the city before returning to their world, laden with nextra-terrestrial gifts!

If you would like a nextra-special Durham gift or Durham Christmas card, these images can be printed onto a wide selection of quality items, including mugs, bags, teatowels and placemats available from:
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Mark and Gaz said...

Your artwork is as magical as snow!

RuneE said...

So that is why even we got some extra cold and snow so early in the December! Now I have to see if I can find any extra colourful cobbled streets around here :-)

Phoenix C. said...

Thank you Mark and Gaz! It's like a winter wonderland outside now - and I think I can see giraffe prints in the snow! :)

Phoenix C. said...

Ah, RuneE, maybe you have had a Nextra Day in Norway too! Do publish your photos if you find any giraffe presences among the cobbled streets. :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Looks like a fun day to be a giraffe! I love the boat and the sky pattern.
No snow here, just rain, but the kids are hoping we'll see some soon.

Phoenix C. said...

Thank you Catherine! Hope you get snow soon - it's great fun for kids especially.

Barbara Martin said...

I expect Mr. Neckermann was there with his family. Lovely adventure they've had and memories to take home.

Phoenix C. said...

Yes, Barbara - Raph was there - I think I can see him skating with Maureen! And various family members and friends are around on the river banks, with Girth & Nektareeni serving food at the stand.