Thursday, 6 October 2011

An Autumn visit to Guisborough

On one of the gloriously sunny days last week I revisited Guisborough, a beautiful historic town close to Middlesbrough.

The sunlight created a series of curved shadows at the entrance to the ancient Priory.

I strolled round the back of the Priory to view its magnificent arches against the autumn sky.

A secret door set in an old wall enhanced the mood of enchantment and beckoned me to explore.

In the grounds of the Priory there were wonderful shadowy paths, where light and shade revealed strange shapes.

A mysterious poly-tunnel gleamed between the dark trees.

In the distance the distinctive shape of Highcliffe rose from the Forest.

Autumn colours adorned the trees in the mellow sunlight.

Clouds swirled exultantly in the warm breeze.

Closer and closer I drew to Highcliffe as the sun shone through golden foliage.

At the edge of the woods cottages nestled into the hillside.

I chose from the many pathways through Guisborough Forest and was entranced by the dappled light as the path wound and dipped, revealing distant vistas.

As the warm dusk closed in, a peachy-golden glow settled over the land.

Ingrid Sylvestre