Thursday, 6 October 2011

An Autumn visit to Guisborough

On one of the gloriously sunny days last week I revisited Guisborough, a beautiful historic town close to Middlesbrough.

The sunlight created a series of curved shadows at the entrance to the ancient Priory.

I strolled round the back of the Priory to view its magnificent arches against the autumn sky.

A secret door set in an old wall enhanced the mood of enchantment and beckoned me to explore.

In the grounds of the Priory there were wonderful shadowy paths, where light and shade revealed strange shapes.

A mysterious poly-tunnel gleamed between the dark trees.

In the distance the distinctive shape of Highcliffe rose from the Forest.

Autumn colours adorned the trees in the mellow sunlight.

Clouds swirled exultantly in the warm breeze.

Closer and closer I drew to Highcliffe as the sun shone through golden foliage.

At the edge of the woods cottages nestled into the hillside.

I chose from the many pathways through Guisborough Forest and was entranced by the dappled light as the path wound and dipped, revealing distant vistas.

As the warm dusk closed in, a peachy-golden glow settled over the land.

Ingrid Sylvestre


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

As much as I love seeing flowers blooming all summer, there is just something so beautiful about the trees and landscape in the fall. I enjoyed seeing the sites you saw on your walk. The lighting this time of year is beautiful.

Phoenix C. said...

Thank you Catherine. It was a wonderful day, one of those perfect times of warmth, tranquillity and mellow autumn light that really makes your heart sing! Guisborough is a lovely place - I was priviledged to live there many years ago.

Malyss said...

Gothic, romantic, and very british! that's what I feel when seeing those marvellous and peaceful landscapes.

Phoenix C. said...

Thank you Malyss. I have always loved the English romantic landscape artists and the atmosphere and spirit of place is a constant inspiration.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I just love the light in fall! This place is gorgeous! I love the shadowy paths, the stones, and of course the greenhouse, beckoning like a light in the storm, lol! I want to go to there.

Phoenix C. said...

Glad you like it, Monica! There is so much of outstanding beauty in this area, including of course, Roseberry Topping which is not far beyond Highcliffe!

RuneE said...

I'm tempted to suggest a title changes (with all respect, of course :-) )

"Autumn Peace"

One feels the quietness of the season and the area as you show us the photos of your stroll through the area. Thank you for shearing!

Phoenix C. said...

RuneE thank you! Your title suggestion is very appropriate - there was a wonderful sense of peace as I walked round the area. Peaceful and relaxed happiness, like a mellow autumnal smile!

Beatriz said...

! That delightful scenery!

Greatings from Barcelona

Phoenix C. said...

Hello Beatriz, and thank you!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful light in these photos, looks alovely place for an autumnal walk

Phoenix C. said...

Thank you Crafty Green Poet! It certainly is a lovely place for walking, with many more interesting paths to explore at all times of year.