Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sharing Enthusiasm

Yesterday evening I watched an inspirational programme on BBC2 entitled 'The Plant Addicts'. Carol Klein took us on a tour visiting many of her fellow plant addicts and their gardens.
The passion and enthusiasm of these wonderful people was catching! I was particularly moved by something Roy Lancaster said about what plants have meant to him. His words inspired me to create the piece below regarding my own 'raison d'etre' ...
North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre - Art Trees Woods and Gardens - Durham artist UK I believe it is important to keep a focus on your 'dream', especially in these dirge-dreary days of recession. What makes your heart sing?

For me, my creativity is my 'essence of being' and the sylvan and gardens my 'muse'.
It was good to share in the enthusiasm and passion of Carol and her friends on the programme. I noted some of the words and phrases that were spoken (almost sang!) in relation to plants:
"Enchanted with them ..."
"Poetry ..."
"Way of life ..."
"Falling in love ..."
"A romance with plants ..."
"Devotion ..."
"I don't know what it is, it's magical really ..."

Plants have a fascination. They exude an almost palpable energy - just being among them transfers some of this to one's own self too.

From that magical feeling at dawn to the peaceful mellow tones of dusk, plants bring well-being and fulfillment.

I'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to Carol Klein and her friends for reminding me of this, and for their contagious passion, enthusiasm and life-enhancing positivity!


Diane C. said...

Beautiful post, delightful artwork, very inspiring!

Phoenix C. said...

Many thanks, Diane - much appreciated!

Alice Joyce said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by BayAreaTendrils.
Great blog, btw! I enjoy the Raleigh/Durham/ Chapel Hill area. I transitioned from life as a sculptor to garden writer/photographer a decade or so ago.
Let' stay in touch,

Phoenix C. said...

Thanks Alice!

I trained in sculpture too!