Friday, 29 October 2010

A magical tree - and a new joghurt experience!

Stepping off the train at Middlesbrough last week, I gloried in the early morning
sunshine. It was one of those days when everything feels magical, and your heart sings!

When I passed this car park at the University of Teesside, I had to stop and dig out my camera. The light around the edge of the hedge and plants was so compelling. Then I caught sight of a little tree ...

I don't know what species it is, but bejewelled in light, it had the appearance of a transcendent sylvan being!


On a completely different note, something else which has been making me exuberantly happy all week is the wonderful Yeo Valley advert. Pure genius and great fun too! You can view it on their Yeotube channel!!

It's very unusual for me to make a purchase as a result of a TV advert, but I just had to try some Yeo Valley joghurt ... Oh, exquisite yumminess!! I bought two big pots, a Greek style probiotic joghurt, and a vanilla. Unless I'm very self-disciplined, they'll both be finished by this evening! Yeo, Yeo!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Revisiting blogland - and a very special place!

Cleveland Hills from Grey Towers Ingrid Sylvestre North East artist

Hello again, Blogland!

I'm amazed that it is nearly a year since my last post. Suddenly lots of unexpected but welcome creative projects and work cropped up, and I decided to stop blogging completely for a while. Blogging is a bit like eating chocolate for me - either all or nothing!

Circular Garden Poole Wood Grey Towers Ingrid Sylvestre
It has been an amazing year, and one of the best aspects has been re-visiting a very special place. I spoke about it in a post last Autumn, and this year I've been able to spend a lot of time appreciating it's wonderful environment while working on creative projects.
One's vision can go from glorious panoramic views of the Cleveland Hills to winding paths through the woods, leading to a secret circular garden surrounded by tall hedges ...

Poole Lake Grey Towers North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre
A tranquil lake hidden in the woods ...

Grey Towers Farm Lane North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre
A sylvan lane leading to harvest fields and skies of splendour ...

Old Nunthorpe North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Pastoral views to a cosy village ...

Cloudscapes over Grey Towers North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Stunning cloud-scapes over the historic mansion, Grey Towers ...

Sunset skies Cleveland Hills North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Serene skies at dusk, bordered by the long line of Cleveland Hills ...

Sunset Grey Towers Ingrid Sylvestre North East artist
Otherworldly sunsets over harvest fields ...

Ingrid Sylvestre

North East artist Ingrid Sylvestre, English landscape painter, Fine Art paintings for sale, commissions, Grey Towers paintings, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.